The Best Alternative

There are many alternatives to, but Slimbox is the fastest, simplest, and most secure.

The Best Alternative

If you're reading this, you're likely wondering if there's an alternative to that does not sell your data. And in your search, you'll certainly come across a few "privacy-focused alternatives". So how do you know which of these products is the best? We'll make the case for why we believe Slimbox is the best alternative below.

Slimbox is Verifiably Private

Here's a quick summary of how Slimbox protects your privacy:

  • Slimbox does not have the capability to read your email
  • Slimbox does not store your email (it never leaves your device)
  • Slimbox does not share or sell your personal info
  • Slimbox does not allow ads

Any company can say "we take your privacy seriously" – even Facebook says this. But don't simply look at what a company says, look at what a company does.

In our case, Slimbox undergoes a rigorous third-party security audit every year. This audit allows Slimbox to prove our compliance with Google's Trust & Safety Team policies – when we say Slimbox is "Verified by Google", this is precisely what we mean.

This security audit is not cheap – Google is not exaggerating when they say the security assessment "may cost between $15,000 and $75,000 (or more)". We mention this cost to help you understand that it's easy to say you are privacy-focused, but Slimbox literally puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to your privacy and security.

Beyond the obvious value to our users, being verified by Google allows Slimbox to use the incredibly simple (and highly secure) method of sign in called OAuth. The reason and other services need to generate a less secure "app password" is because they have not gone through a rigorous verification process that allows a user to connect their Gmail directly.

If you really want to dive deep, you can see all the restrictions placed on user data by Google in their User Data Policy. The key point is crystal clear – user data is not to be used for anything other than improving the features of the product. We love to see this because privacy is what we built our whole company around.

Slimbox is Ridiculously Private

When it comes to granting any access to your inbox, trust is critical. So, we've always asked ourselves how we can make users trust Slimbox more.

✗ We don't use Google Analytics – this means we don't know what terms you searched to find Slimbox, or what other sites you visit.

✗ We don't use Facebook's Pixel – we can't retarget you with a Facebook ad based on some interest that you have.

✓ We wrote our Privacy Policy in plain English – it's actually a fun read.

When we say Slimbox is "Ridiculously Private", we mean that based on all the common best practices of building a data-tracking machine, we've rejected them all – it's ridiculous from a business perspective, but if it makes users realize that we are serious about their privacy, we believe it will continue to be good business.

You can read more in our guide: How to Build a Tech Company Focused on Privacy.

Slimbox is Faster Than

Truth be told, we started working on the idea for Slimbox well before was exposed for selling user data. We believed then what we believe today – there's simply a better way to solve inbox overload.

When email subscriptions seem like the problem, unsubscribing seems like the solution. So, (and most other services) allow you to see all of your subscriptions and go through them one by one and decide if you want to unsubscribe or not. "Unsubscribe with 1-click" quickly becomes a hundred clicks for most people.

Slimbox has always taken an approach that is much faster than Rather than an arduous process of reviewing everything one at a time, Slimbox allows you to move all your subscriptions out of your inbox in a single click. Because you get a daily summary with Slimbox, you'll never miss a thing.

Subscription emails don't feel like a nuisance when they don't hit your inbox. At the same time, you don't want them entirely out of sight (and out of mind) like Gmail's tabs. Slimbox solves the core problem, and does so immediately.

Slimbox is Simple

You can have a burrito delivered with a push of a button on your phone – why can't you declutter your inbox in one click?

With Slimbox, you can press one button and solve inbox overload. Services like (and most others) require tons of individual decisions. Slimbox lets you get back to your day.

You can experience the magic of Slimbox in about 60 seconds.
Try it completely free for 30 days.

What are the Cons of Slimbox?

Slimbox is currently only available for Gmail and G Suite. So, if you're using another email provider, Slimbox can't help you solve inbox overload.

Slimbox costs $1 per month. This means that Slimbox is not free. If you want a free service that has access to your inbox, Slimbox is not for you.  

Slimbox provides a daily summary of all the email you want out of your way, but it doesn't currently display preview images.


There are many alternatives to, but Slimbox is the fastest, simplest, and most secure. We encourage you to try out any of the other "privacy-focused" alternatives, but we're confident that you'll agree that Slimbox is the best.